Vegetable spring rolls, teriyaki sauce, Swiss chard sprouts 7 €
Cold caponata (aubergine, olives, onions, garlic, tomatoes and capers) 8 €
 Panisse mille-feuille, spider crab**, samphire, cucumber and Granny Smith apples 11 €
St André foie gras : 
Duck foie gras from Charentes, semi-cooked in Cognac, with Pineau jelly 13 €
  Fried Charentes duck foie gras in Thai herb broth with seasonal vegetables 13 €



Main course format ….14€
Salad, melon, mushrooms, tomatoes, puff pastry cheese twists, carrots, artichokes, white sauce
Salad, burrata mozzarella, tomatoes, puff pastry twists, bresaola (air-dried, salted meat), artichokes, pesto sauce
Salad, tomatoes, puff pastry cheese twists, avocado, soft-boiled egg, smoked trout, white sauce

Main courses


Cannelloni with vegetables and a herbed crust 15 €
VBF (certified French beef) veal stuffed roll with new island potatoes 17 €
 Cod** with langoustines (crayfish), courgette royale and a crunchy tuile 19 €
 Sirloin of Limousin beef (FBM – French Beef Meat) 350 g, tartar sauce, homemade chips* 24 €


Chocolate-praline soft-centre cake with a macadamia nut whipped cream 8 €
Duo of peaches & nectarines, almond ice cream, rosemary whipped cream and a ‘cat’s tongue’ sweet biscuit 8 €
Cannelés du St André, similar to profiteroles 9 €
  Cheese tasting plate by Ludovic LOIZEAU 11 €

The menu can be reduced when served at lunchtime

Gluten free      Veggie

*peanut oil-based cooking **subject to availability

Lunch Menu

*Only served from Monday to Friday

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