Le St André, a child's dream and a human adventure.

I was not as they say “a trained professional” but this was my dream and I was passionate about it. When I was young, I used to think about it but I choose a different path.
And then one day I took the bold step. Everything started from the place I already knew. The business was up for sale and I said to myself “a great restaurant can be created right here …”

We talked about it as a family, the decision was made, and I set out start.

I got help from professionals in the sector, I prepared a business plan, I surrounded myself with a good team … on June 14, 2013, St. André was ready and open for business.

St André is a restaurant that offers bistro cuisine, made only from fresh seasonal products, simple and reassuring and yet original …
… not to mention a well selected wine list and all this in a beautiful 19th century building with contemporary design. In summer, a beautiful terrace in the heart of St André Square awaits, you, with a stunning view of the church.

St André is primarily a human adventure, made up of encounters with our customers.

This is because there is no doubt that you, our customers, are the ones who constantly enliven us: we receive you, we give you our opinion, we give you a treat, we listen to you, and as such we often challenge ourselves.

So go ahead, have a seat, relax, we will take care of the rest …

Frederick V, Manager of St André